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iPoint Solutions, Inc. is a boutique consulting company specializing in Software Development, Master Data Management, CRM, Social Media, Business Intelligence, and all IT Projects and Programs.

We partner with you by providing just-in-time technology solutions via Staff Augmentation, and Turn-Key project solutions. We can provide consultants or implement complete projects for the following areas of expertise:

  • Master Data Management, Data Governance, and Business Intelligence.
  • Saas,, Siebel, SAP and other CRM solutions.
  • Web and Mobil Application Development, Integration and Deployment.
  • ERP Implementation - PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle Applications.
  • Project Management, Business System Analysis and Design.
  • Social Media, Strategy Roadmap Development and Implementation.

As a consulting and staffing firm our team offers 25+ years of combined industry experience within various verticles. In our experience, projects and companies are primarily successful due to the people involved.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional people, thus guaranteeing success for our clients.

Why iPoint?

By aligning with iPoint Solutions, Inc. you not only receive the best expertise and results for your critical IT projects but, at the same time, also support a greater vision & commitment to sustainability. We leverage today's technologies to invent Greener technologies of tomorrow. Together we can have a far-reaching impact on this innovation that will enable a sustainable-greener world for all.

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Guiding our service to you.

Sustainability for a better future.

We are a corporation, but we are humans first.

We believe that we should not only work with the market in mind, but also for our future. Sustainability and a greener environment are as fundamental to our lives as breathing is.

In today's technology-driven world, a large number of sustainability issues can be addressed by innovating environmental-friendly technologies, like novel sources of energy and energy-efficient materials. Sparclabs, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of iPoint Solutions, is engaged in the research and development of these innovations.

By aligning with iPoint Solutions, Inc. you will also help support our vision and commitment to this "Green" work, and thus help enable a "Sustainable-Greener" legacy for future generations.Together we can have a far-reaching impact on the sutainability of our planet.